Department of ENGLISH (SHIFT-II)


Holistic and integrated formation of rural students towards leadership and empowerment



  1. Bridge Course for the freshers ( I year students)
    The Bridge Course serves to bridge the gap between the school and college ambience. Students who hail from rural background find it difficult to cope with the new environment where they have to learn all the subjects in the medium of English. So this course prepares the learners to be competent and to face this language crisis with confidence.
  2. Theatre Fest
    The Theatre Fest ? an inter-departmental English drama competition has been conducted annually by the department for the past five years. It facilitates to acquaint the learners with the essential language skills, communicative skills and theatrical skills and to expose them to the field of drama and theatre and to bring out their dormant talents.
  3. BELL Association
    As a ?beyond scholarly activity,? a variety of competitions are organized and conducted for the English Literature students by the department Association - Britto English Language and Literary Association - to showcase and hone the innate talents and latent skills of the students. It creates a platform for them to be aware of their talents to do better and make them to become the best.
  4. Remedial classes
    Remedial classes help the students to clear their arrear papers. Special attention is paid for the slow learners that help them cope with the curriculum.
  5. Walking the extra mile
    Self-learning papers are optional papers with extra credits (3) offered to the talented students who have secured minimum 60% in the major papers, in order to develop themselves and specialize in language and literature. They will be learnt by the students of their own under the guidance of the course teacher.
  6. Language lab
    Language laboratory is an audio-visual installation used as an aid in modern language teaching available to the learner with ITC facility to provide conversational practice, listening and reading comprehensions. It is designed to strengthen the soft and communicative skills of the learners.
  7. Audio-Visual lab
    The interesting power point presentations and visual representations of the novels, dramas and stories, prune and enhance the listening skill of the learner and drive home effectively what is taught.
  8. Guidance for Competitive Examinations
    The department provides guidance and assists the learner to get through the Competitive Examinations successfully and prepares the learner to meet the competitive world and enabling them to get governmental jobs.
  9. Guest Lectures
    Guest Lectures are arranged to instruct and to inform the students and to introduce them to the world literatures, the English Language and Indian Writing in English and various topics. These lectures enable them to appreciate and relish literature studies.
  10. Seminars
    A committee has been set up to explore the possibility of conducting a National, if possible an International seminar cum workshop and categorically mobilize funds and resources.
  11. Educational field trips and tour
    An annual Educational field trip is arranged for the II year students to experience the five lands (Kurinji, Mullai, Marutham, Neythal and Palai) of Tamil Culture. A three day educational historical tour will be arranged for all the outgoing students.
  12. Inter-departmental collaboration
    Inter-departmental collaboration for English Language teaching, communicative and soft skills for the P.G. and outgoing students is planned.


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Rev.Dr.S.Paul Pragash SJ
Head & Assistant Professor
Dr. P. Veerasamy
M.A., M.Phil.,Ph.D.,SET.
Assistant Professor
Dr. A.Raja
M.A., M.A.,  M.Phil.,Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor
Mr.J.Keba Immanuel
Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor
Mr. M.Nallakurumban
Assistant Professor
S. Chandra Sekar Pandian
Assistant Professor
Mr.Xavier P
Assistant Professor
Ms.A.J.Glory Gursheth
Assistant Professor
Ms.L.Nestricia Mary
Assistant Professor
Mr.I.Johnson Stephen
Assistant Professor
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