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CCRG(Computer Course for Rural Girls)

CCRG(Computer Course for Rural Girls)

Alumni Association of the college conducts Computer Course for Rural Girls who are either school drop-outs or unskilled. Its objectives are :

  • The economic empowerment through skill development and educational process.
  • Reduction of female infanticide through economic independence.
  • Coordinator

    1. Rev.Dr.Maria Joseph M Mahalingam S.J

    VETerinary Extension (VETEX)

    VETerinary Extension (VETEX)

    It is a Veterinary Extension programme run by the Post Graduate Department of Rural Development Science since March 1997. It is offering services to the villagers in Cattle Management and Production practices.


    • Veterinary treatment to the animals which are brought to the clinic.
    • Breeding facility to upgrade the local cattle.
    • Training to the students of Rural Development Science as part of the practical programme.
    • Offering technical help to local community.
    • Conducting village level animal health camps.
    • Offering information on economic dairy farming and milk production.


    1. Dr Malarkannan S P


    1. Mr Kannan M



    Name of the Extension programme and its year of establishment

    The extension programme ARISE was initiated in the college from the academic year 1995-1996. This ARISE programme was conceived and commenced by our former principal Rev.Fr.J.L.Gnanarethinam, S.J. The college works in collaborating with Non-Government Organizations, Government officials and the Local leaders. Sophomores of both Aided course and the self-supported courses are involved in this programme ARISE creates an opportunity both for the students and the college, to reach out to the people as learners with the knowledge and the skill gathered to animate people and help them develop themselves by mobilizing the locally available resources.

    General Objectives

    AAC creates a sense of Social concern in the minds of all the students, through direct contact and exposure to our rural community and to lead the educated to committed action, dedicated service to the poor.

    Specific Objectives

  • To insist on the specific thrust of our college `` University to the Villages``
  • To empower the rural people to find solutions to their problems more systematically
  • To provide an adequate opportunity for students to develop their leadership skills to become agents of social change.
  • Adopted Areas

    The ARISE program has adopted Blocks 1,2 and 3 of the Chellampatti Blocks, which includes areas of Vadakkampatti, Vadakkampatti Colony, Moorthy Nagar, Paloothupatti, Indira Nagar, Jeyaraj Nagar, Nathappatti, Janatha Colony, Poosaripatti, Kesavanpatti, Kottaiyur, Pullaneri, Mottaiyanayakkanpatti, Meenatchipatti, Moonandipatti South and Moonandipatti North

    Dynamics of functioning

    The project aims at developing the neighborhood communities through Lieracy, Health Sanitation and Women Empowerment. Students will work in the assigned areas for 60 hours in an academic year. Students in each department will work in teams of 10-15 members, with a team leader as their respresentative.The work of every team will be continuously monitored and evaluated

    Events Organised by Arise

    Veterinary camp at Pullanery village

    Since most of the local people have domestic animals the department of Rural Development Science organized a special Veterinary Camp in collaboration with the VETEX of our College on 20-08-2015 and total 432 animals were treated in the camp.

    General Medical Camp at Nathappatti village

    The second year mathematics students have organized a free general medical camp at Nathappatti in collaboration with Chellampatty Primary Health Center on 29-09-2015 and 158 people have been treated

    Eye Camp at vadakampatty village

    The students of second year Chemistry organized an Eye Camp at Vadakampatty village in collaboration with the Agarwal Eye Hospital Madurai on 01-10-2015. Nearly 105 people have been tested their eyes and given reading classes.

    Tuition Center inaugural function at Jayaraj Nagar

    Center was The evening Tuition inaugurated at Jayaraj Nagar on 08-10-2015 nearly 85 students go for tuition regularly in the evening and a teacher is appointed and a monthly honorarium is given to him by the management. The entire initiative was made by the extension department of ARISE and the department of Computer Science.

    LPG Gas safety function

    The Extension Department of ARISE Arul Anandar College, Karumathur, organized an awareness programme on �LPG Gas Safety� in collaboration with Mathipareni Gas Agency on 12th October 2015 for second year students of our college.

    Tree plantation programme at Moorthi nagar village

    The second year students of History organized a tree plantation program 09-10-2015 in which 85 saplings have been planted in and around Moorthi Nagar.

    Eye Camp at Vadakampatty village

    The students of second year Food Science and Technology organized an Eye Camp at Vadakampatty village in collaboration with the Agarwal Eye Hospital Madurai on 01-10-2015. Nearly 150 people have been tested their eyes and given reading classes.


    1. Mr James A

    Women`s Studies Centre

    Women's Studies Centre

    Arul Anandar College is located in Usilampatti Taluk an area which had been declared by the Government of Tamil Nadu as Female Infanticide Taluk (Madurai 2004-A Statistical Hand Book). The status of rural Indian women is more appalling and heart rending. They are deprived of all rights and almost are reduced to objects meant for exploitation. As per the medieval perception, woman requires no education save that of household chores. It is sad to note that still the medieval perception persists in most of the villages. Usilampatti Taluk is not an exception, as elsewhere here too women undergo the gender disparity. The girl child is an unwanted appendage and considered to be a curse and a loathsome burden. Education is a farfetched dream for her. The female illiteracy has subsequently led to social issues such as child labour and child marriage. Despite the government taking stringent measures to curb these practices still it persists. Unbridled subjugation of women and nullifying of their very existence is a common knowledge in this area.

    Ushering in a New Phase for the Rural Women

    It is in this context that the Jesuit Community which is worldwide acclaimed for its educational service through its prestigious academic institutions willfully chose a rural ambience in Madurai District in order to uplift the rural youth socially and economically by imparting value based, quality education. The institution, as one of its best practices, opened its portals in the year 2000 for the women in order to empower them. Arul Anandar College stands distinctive amidst the other Jesuit Institutions as it is the sole institution to admit girl students for both UG and PG programmes. It was indeed a blessing for the women who were banned of tasting the fruit of pursuing the higher education and constrained within four walls after their school education. Since then there has been a constant increase in the number of women entering the academia. At present nearly 886 girl students have enrolled themselves in pursuing their studies and thereby empowering themselves.

    Objectives of Centre for Women`s Studies

  • Establishing the library and documentation centre
  • Creating awareness to the students and local women on various issues pertaining to women and gender.
  • Providing the women periodical trainings that build their soft and technical skills.
  • Holding Curriculum Development Programme
  • Information dissemination by way of publication
  • To impart knowledge of women`s rights
  • To sensitize about gender discrimination
  • To go beyond the economic and social factor and to probe the patriarchal and discriminatory practices in the educational policies and infrastructural provision that prevent access to women of the existing facilities.
  • To undertake various steps in one`s own institution, by way of policies and structures that would enable women to overcome their difficulties and move upwards.
  • To identify the persistent gender gaps and injustices within the institutional system and overcome the gaps.
  • Awareness Programme

    The college through the centre has been striving its best to create awareness among the women on the following issues:

  • Breast Cancer
  • Domestic Violence against Women
  • Women`s Issues
  • Breast Feeding
  • Women in Media
  • Mental Health Care
  • Legal Literacy Programme

    Dissemination and literacy are the only means by which the issues of suppressed women can be redressed. It is mandatory for every woman to be conscious of the legal rights hence the college took the effect of organizing guest lectures on Legal Literacy for the students as well as the uneducated rural women. The guest lecturers were focused on the following topics:

  • Women and Law
  • Women and Criminal Law
  • Women & Property Rights
  • Women & Marriage Law
  • Life Skills
  • Women and Health
  • Women`s Rights are Human Rights