Student's Associations

To provide facilities for students to promote social, emotional and intellectual development, leadership qualities, team spirit a number of associations have been constituted.

Each association consists of the Principal as the President, the Vice-Principal (student Affairs) as the co-ordinator and one staff member of the respective discipline as the Vice-President. The Secretary of the Association is elected from among the students.

To facilitate smooth working and the development of autonomy.

The associations:

  • Tamil Literary Association
  • English Literary Association
  • History Association
  • Philosophy Association
  • Economics Association
  • Mathematics Association
  • Rural Developement Association
  • Chemistry Association
  • Physics Association
  • Computer Science Association
  • Commerce Association
  • Information Technology & Management Association
  • Business Administration Association
  • Fine arts Association
  • Physical Education Association
  • Day Scholar's Association
  • National Service Scheme
  • National Cadet Corps
  • Women's Forum
  • Vincent de Paul Society
  • Youth Red Cross
  • Nature Club
  • Rotaract Club

Student Counsellors

The counselling centre with professionally qualified counsellors became a full-fledged functional unit during the academic year 2004-05. Prior to this the counselling requirements of the students were managed by the members of the faculty. Professional counselling centre was established with the objective of promoting mental health and enriching the personality development of the staff and students.

Three professionally trained counsellors form the counsellng services team at AAC. Our services include: personal counselling for student development? both academic and non-academic in individual and group settings. In addition to counselling students directly? we are also available for consultation for the staff? parents of our students and the management. Outside agencies also benefit from our services.


  • Students` Orientation at the beginning of the year.
  • Class-wise motivation sessions for all students.
  • Personal growth sessions for women`s students.
  • Achievement Motivation Sessions for sports team players.
  • Confidence Building sessions for NSS students.
  • Leadership Development Seminars for AAC Class Leaders.
  • Psychological animation of PTA.
  • Collaboration with the Mentor Care Programme of AAC.
  • Consultation and Programme Planning for ?Muhil?, a Siddha Treatment and Research Centre.
  • Consultation and Counselling Services to NGOs involved in helping the HIV/AIDS population.
  • Coordinator - Mentor Care

    1. Rev.Dr.A.Sebastian Mahimairaj OCD

    Student Counsellors

    1. Rev.Dr.Sebastian Mahimairaj A OCD
    2. Rev.Fr.S.P.Savarimuthu S.J
    3. Dr.R. Antony Paul Gnanasekar
    4. Dr.M.A. Jothi Rajan
    5. Ms.S. Abirami
    6. Ms.S. Rajeswari
    7. Rev.Fr.S.Stanislaus CMF