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Department of English

About the Department

The Department of English was founded to teach part II English from the day of inception in 1970. When the college became autonomous in 1987 the department had the opportunity to exercise a variety of approaches and techniques in order to train the students to become fluent in English, as well knowledgeable in their respective disciplines besides inspiring them ethically and preparing them career-oriented. In 2011 B. A. English Literature course was introduced in the self-financed stream as it was the felt need of the people of the vicinity.

To make learning experience pleasant and to fulfill the rising demands and expectations of the learners with diverse interests, the department has introduced two different streams and has made the syllabi appropriate for their proficiency level. The Text Books prepared by the staff of the department contain meaningful exercises to promote classroom interactions and make the learners efficient communicators, besides enriching their creative and critical acumen.


Empowerment and integral formation of rural students through communicative skills.


To provide facilities for academic excellence and training in soft skills to inculcate value for social transformation.


»  Bridge cum Remedial Programme is offered to all I UG students in the first semester to nurture communication and soft skills. Apart from conventional methods of classroom teaching, the facilitators employ a range of novel methods to enhance their talents and skills. Thus, at the end of this course the students gain considerable improvement in rhetoric.
»  Theatre Fest organized annually encourages students of all disciplines to show their skill on the stage. It is educative, inspirational, motivating event. This programme provides the youngsters with unique opportunities to develop clear speech, fluent delivery and pleasing social skills.
»  SPEAKPARK is a weekly programme held to promote the English speaking skills of the students by providing a public platform. It helps them pick up voice modulation and body movements in addition to oratory.
»  WORDS-WORTH is displayed on the notice board regularly to build up the vocabulary store of the students.
»  Adequate care and concern is shown to the students who need special coaching to cope with his /her companions. The department makes exceptional efforts to sharpen their skills.


»  English 2017-2018

Courses Offered

»  B.A. English Literature (Self-financed)
M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Associate Professor & Head
M.A., M.Phil., SLET
M.A., M.Phil.
Assistant Professor
M.A., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor