Calendar - October 2020

Department of Mathematics

»  B.Sc. Mathematics
»  B.Sc. Mathematics (Self-financed)
»  M.Sc. Mathematics
Programme Outcomes
»   Explicate the concepts of pure and applied Mathematics by demonstrating the knowledge and understanding of the mathematical principles in multidisciplinary environments.
»  Analyze and evaluate Mathematical concepts and principles with the utilization of the logical and scientific approach.
»  Develop the competency of integrating mathematics with other domains of science by applying the skills of problem solving in the fields of social science and technology.
»  Construct, create and communicate well-structured mathematical arguments with the interpretation and incorporation of mathematical ideas independently.
»  Appreciate the beauty of Mathematics with the attainment of proficiency in problem solving, computational skills, critical thinking, technical and quantitative reasoning skills.
»  Undergraduate
»  Postgraduate