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Department of Computer Science

About the Department

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program started in the accedemic year 2011-2012, affiliated by Madurai Kamaraj University. The department aims to provide a high quality degree program that ensures that students will be able to integrate theory and practice, recognize the importance of abstraction and appreciate the value of efficient design created to meet clearly developed requirements. The program is intended to prepare students for lifelong learning as they undertake professional careers in computing and research. The prime focus is to promote the effective integration of technology with state-of-the-art facilities in teaching and research activities. The curriculum of program offered by the Department focuses on problem solving, design, development and application of various emerging technologies.


Exploring innovative approaches to enhance learning and to expand learning opportunities through the integration of technology. Expanding pedagogical approaches to accommodate diversity in learning styles rooted in gender, race, culture, age, economic and educational background, and life experiences.


»  provide a current, comprehensive and client-centered environment for the teaching and learning of computer science and related professional values.
»  prepare students for professional careers or advanced studies in computer science.
»  have a positive effect upon students, the university, the community and the computer science profession.


»  Computer Science 2017-2018
»  M.C.A. 2017-2018

Courses Offered

»  B.Sc. Computer Science
»  M.C.A. Master of Computer Applications