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Department of Physical Education

About the Department

The Department of Physical Education was started in 2004-2005. It is a unique course and structure that aims to develop the sports skills and to give employability to the students after their professional studies in B.P.Ed. and M.P.Ed. The students are trained in such way that they are prepared to join uniform services while they are doing their studies. The students are also taught in yoga, fitness, first aid and injury management and sports physiotherapy which enable them to be instructors in various clubs and clinics.


Wholesome Development of rural students through participation in sports and game.


»  To inculcate importance of physical fitness.
»  To provide the basic of a healthy life style.
»  To facilitate social transformation through sports and game.


»  To Providing Technical Information and through knowledge of sports and games.
»  To Provide Knowledge on various parts of the human body and their movements.
»  To Understand the Psychological aspects in Sports and games.


»  Physical Education 2017-2018

Courses Offered

»  B.Sc. Physical Education