*The college among all its academic programmes, places great emphasis on moral and spiritual values which actually should form the crux of the quality of life in any society

* The opportunities for growth created by the Jesuit group with a spirit of service and love have made an impact on the minds of people who are very appreciative of the great service for integrated human development.

* The most important and relevant factor, which strikes the team (NAAC), is the vision of the Department of RDS, which is an interdisciplinary field to empower the rural poor for an integrated rural development.

* Teaching, Research and Extension bring the students and the people together through the RDS programme.

* One remarkable aspect of the whole programme is the importance of computer literacy to all the under graduate students to meet the challenges of the present day.

* The college has achieved excellence in its outreach and extension programme(s).

* The Controller's Office maintains strict secrecy and confidentiality in all matters of the conduct of examination.

* The extension programme of the college has made a name for itself in Karumathur, with its sincere efforts and remedial action to transform the village into a better place with informed, humane and processing desirable values.

* With its large collection of books, journals and periodicals and its reprographic facilities, the library is put to very good use.

* The extensive play grounds of the college give students ample opportunity to excel in sports and games.

* Students are given academic counselling in their respective Departments through seminars and talks delivered by professionals in various fields.

* The Arul Anandar College Alumni Association (AACAA) promotes friendship among the alumni and encourages activities that spread secularism, alleviate poverty, protect the environment and safeguard human rights.

* The autonomy of the college is carefully monitored to ensure true academic powers.

* The most striking aspect of Arul Anandar College (Autonomous) is the clear mission and the goals which the college strives to attain

* The incorporation of social thrust in curriculum, merging the felt need of the community as well as fulfilling the aspiration of the modern youth are very complementary.

* The emphasis on extra curricular activities, physical education, etc. is exemplary which makes a difference in the overall personality development of students.

* The organization and management of the college has been excellent. The leadership provided by the Principal has been dynamic and humane which has created an atmosphere of inspiration and harmony among the teaching and the non- teaching staff.

* On the whole the college has been a source of inspiration and assistance to the local community and others, by envisioning the future developmental goals, and facilitates a step-by-step growth of the first generation learners and the community as a whole.

* In recognition of its people-centered innovative courses, the college was accredited with the coveted FIVE STARS by the National Accreditation and Assessment Council (NAAC) in 2001.

* The consistent track record was further proved when it was reaccredited with 'A' Grade with a CGPA of 3.52 in 2008.

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