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Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

Outcome-Based Education (OBE)

PEO1 :To enrich the learners with intense disciplinary knowledge and the essential skills for contributing towards societal development and transformation.
PEO2 :To enhance the skills of professional, employability and entrepreneurship for gaining sustainability in this dynamic globe.
PEO3 :To instigate the values concerning environmental consciousness, and the responsibilities in raising the standards of rural empowerment.

PO1 :Demonstrate profound comprehension of the concepts, theories, and principles in the disciplinary knowledge and appreciate its contextual significance.
PO2 :Develop the skills of analytical reasoning and associates the relevance of the theoretical concepts in various perspectives.
PO3 :Create awareness, formulate decision making models, and design solutions to the growing needs of the society together with the reflective analysis of its implications.
PO4 :Critically evaluate the practical utility of translating theory into praxis and lab into land towards societal upliftment.
PO5 :Undertake creative research initiatives with innovative trans disciplinary approach for catering the contemporary needs of rural development.
PO6 :Empower themselves by digital, communication, programming and professional skills for a suitable career in this competitive globe.
PO7 :Engage in self-directed and life-long learning and elicit optimal personality by rising in leadership qualities, active involvement in teamwork, and collaboration with the members of the diverse cultural groups in the society.
PO8 :Emerge as responsible citizens with the awareness of their role in promoting environmental sustainability and gender equity together with the adsorption of ethical, social , moral and cultural values.