National Cadet Corps(NCC)

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) is playing a stellar role in fostering the youth of the country by providing them an ideal platform for their growth and channelizing their energies towards National Building. The NCC is the largest youth organisation in the country that truly reflects the spirit of a secular and united India. The NCC cadets are extremely motivated and disciplined and have distinguished themselves in various paths of life. The Corps is relentlessly taking efforts to inculcate national pride, patriotism, leadership and selfless service amongst the youth of the country and create a reservoir of disciplined and responsible citizens of the country.

Origin and Development

The NCC has its genesis in the University Corps which was created under the Indian Defence Act 1917, with the objective to train students for the Army. The University Corps was then replaced by the University Training Corps in 1920 under the Indian Territorial Act. In 1942, it was renamed as the University Officers Training Corps. In September 1946, the Kunzru Committee was set up to establish a nation-wide youth organisation covering both schools and colleges and consequently the National Cadet Corps (NCC) came into existence on 15th July 1948, with the motto ?Unity and Discipline?. The Girls Division was introduced in 1949. Following the Army NCC Units, the Air Force and Naval NCC Units were introduced in 1950 and 1952 respectively. This voluntary youth organisation, which started with 20,000 cadets, is today probably the largest uniformed youth organisation in the world with 13 lakh cadets. The NCC headquarters is located in New Delhi. Control and coordination are exercised through 17 State Directorates. The Tamilnadu, Puducherry, Andaman and Nicobar NCC Directorate consists of 386 colleges, 835 schools, 19479 SW(Girls) cadets and 85605 SD(Boys) cadets.

To the youth

NCC develops the personality of the youth through training, adventure and cultural activities and transforms them into a disciplined, mature and integrated youth, which goes long way towards national development. NCC gives a chance to the students to serve in the Armed Forces. He/she gets a life full of adventure and gets into a different lifestyle with honour, dignity and pride. The cadets also get chance to visit foreign countries through the Youth Exchange Programme(YEP).

Incentives to cadets

Vacancies are reserved for NCC cadets in Indian Military Academy(IMA), Dehradun, Officers Training Academy(OTA), Chennai, Indian Naval Academy and Indian Air Force Academy. Bonus marks and preference are given to NCC cadets in Para Military forces, State government jobs and private industries. The State governments and other private agencies are giving scholarships, cash awards and prize medals to high achievers and meritorious cadets ranging from 1200 to 30000 every year.

To the country at large

The NCC is an outstanding symbol of national integration. It is an excellent nurturing ground for the future leaders of the country. It is destined to achieve greater heights of excellence. It has made noteworthy contribution in inculcating comradeship amongst the youth and has provided the armed forces with a steady stream of fine young men and women as military trainees. An image of secularism and national integration, the NCC engenders ethos of nationalism thus strengthening the basic fibre of strong India and moulds the youth into worthy citizens of the country.


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