Department of Physics

Avogadros law

Charles law

CO2- Non-Polar Dielectrics (audio missing)

Dielectrics and Bond formation based on the concept of Electronegativity

Plane angle vs Solid angle

Fermi gas and Density of States

FET Amplifier

H2 - Non-Polar Dielectrics(Audio missing)

HCl-Polar Dielectrics(Audio missing)


The Beta Functions

The Gamma Functions

Types of Dielectrics

Various Polarization Process and Frequency Dependence

Water -Polar Dielectrics(audio missing)

Relativity part1

Plane angle vs Solid angle


Inigo Valan, Practical video project for Bridge rectifier

Hartman's constant

Small angle prism

Heat and Its Transmission

Quantum Tunneling in Photosynthesis


How to Construct a Cuboctahedron

Lotus effect in Nanotechnology

Mythological Story Teaches Nuclear Reaction

Parts of a Spectrometer

Nanoworld - Thinking Small to Think Big