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Department of Philosophy

»  B.A. Philosophy
»  M.A. Philosophy
»  Certificate Courses in Religious Studies
Programme Specific Outcomes
On completion of B.A. Philosophy Programme, the students will be able to
»  Exhibit an in-depth understanding of major traditions and contemporary ideas in the field of philosophy, religion, psychology, and socio-politics.
»  Undertake a sympathetic journey into diverse philosophical perspectives and competing viewpoints to assimilate their specific wisdom.
»  Confront critically the philosophical problems in relation to self, others, and the world, and respond to them with adequate solutions.
»  Formulate a constructive philosophy of life and a value-based inclusive world-view for egalitarian society and sustainable nature.
»  Demonstrate enhanced skills of reading, writing, and speaking effectively on philosophy and other disciplines methodologically.
On completion of M.A. Philosophy Programme, the students will be able to
»  Develop an in-depth comprehension and appreciation of important concepts and trends in the field of philosophy, religion, and psychology.
»  Employ skills in applying, analysing, and doing research that promote academic progression in view of social transformation.
»  Gain general capacity to express philosophical ideas and defend them effectively in argument, both in writing and speaking.
»  Cultivate suitable aptitudes to read, evaluate, and critically respond to philosophy and other disciplines.
»  Instil in oneself and in others the qualities of right thinking, value based living, and peaceful coexistence with other persons and with nature.
»  Undergraduate
»  Postgraduate