Student Attendance

Students are to follow the norms and guidelines of MKU

»  Students with an attendance of 75% or more (i.e., 68 days or more) in a semester are permitted to write the examinations.

»  Students with 50% or less than 50% (i.e., 44 days of attendance or less) have to repeat the semester. A student has to pay a condonation fee when he/she lacks the required attendance.

75% attendance is a pre-requisite for
»  Permission to write the Semester Exams.
»  Award of Scholarships of any kind.
Students are expected to attend classes everyday. A student may avail himself/herself of a leave only for a genuine reason and after obtaining permission from the Vice-Principal.
Attendance of students is marked in a register by the respective teacher for every period.
Students are expected to check their attendance in the Intranet (the Digital Library. In case of any discrepancy, they should meet the Vice-Principal with the note from their Head of the Department within two days.
A student who is absent for one period is marked absent for one period only. If he/she is absent for two periods on a day is marked absent for half a day. If he/she is absent for three periods on a day he/she is marked for the one full-day.
Warning- Letters are sent to the parents of the students who are irregular in attendance.

Other Duty Attendance

»  Students participating at co-curricular and extra-curricular activities should obtain permission from the Vice-Principal through the respective authorities.
»  On their return, their leave-forms should be submitted to the Vice-Principal through proper channel.
»  A maximum of 15 days only per semester is permitted for a student on other Duty Attendance.

Leave Letter

»  A leave-letter must be duly signed by parents/guardian/warden for genuine reasons well in advance with the prior approval of the HOD.
»  In case of unforeseen circumstances, a leave-letter must be submitted on the first day of the student returning to the class.
»  A Medical leave must be submitted to the Vice-Principal along with a medical certificate.