The people of Pusaripatti and surrounding villages under Madurai district, Usilampatti taluk, Karumathur panchayat were suffering from the diseases due to lack of hospital facilities in their area. So the people decided to seek the help of nearest college, Arul Anandar College. The then Rector, Rev. Dr. Rodrigo S.J., was met by the people. It was decided to set up a health center building on behalf of the college at that place to provide medical assistance to the people.

The Arul Anandar College Radar Center and the Madurai Luoyu Hospital jointly established the Health Center in 1985.

Luoyu Hospital, which had been in operation for 10 years, completed its work in 1995.

In the year 1996, Mr. Deivam, the head of Karumathu Panchayat, and the people of Pusaripatti and the surrounding villages came to Arul Anandar college and met the then Principal of the College, Rev. Dr.Arul S.J. The work was resumed by the Arul Anandar College Radar Center, which operated weekly on Wednesdays under the leadership of Dr.Sabarirajan, Doctor, Thembavani Hospital, Arasaradi. And three staff nurses offered their service. They saw the livelihood of the villagers and bought medicine for Rs. 10 per person.

In 2006 the Pusaripatti Hospital was in a state of disrepair, Rector, Rev. Dr. Thomas S.J. of the college, renovated the hospital. Again in the year 2016 the repair work of the Pusaripatti Multipurpose Center was arranged by Rev. Dr. Arulanantham S.J.and electric supply was given to the hospital from Karumathur panchayat.

Madurai Thembavani Hospital completed its work in 2016, which has been in operation for 20 years, In 2017 a new health center was opened at the college and the staff nurse Leena worked with them.A new sub health center was opened in 2018 in Karumathur Panchayat ,Paluthupatti village and in 2019 in Kovilangulam Panchayat and Jayaraj Nagar village. Leena completed the work in March 2020.

Mrs. Shanthi, staff nurse from 23.07.2020 visits College Health Center and Pusaripatti Health Center on every wednesday to provide medical care to the surrounding villagers.

Health centers

1.Arul Anandar College Health Center

2.Pusaripatti Health Diam

3.Paluthupatti Health Center

4.Jayaraj nagar Health Center

All these four health centers are functioning well.

The expectation of the people is that a doctor should permanently be appointed in the college health center to do medical service to the surrounding villagers.

Health Centre Partoclars:

1. Health Centre in AAC

2. Health Centre branch at Poosaripatti village Weakly visit every wednesday

3. Health Centre branch at Paloothupatti village Weakly visit every Saturday

4. Health Centre branch at Jeyaraj Nagar village Weakly visit every Friday

Rev. Dr. A. Antonysamy SJ
Rev.Sr. Virgina Rosaline Mary.P