Physical Education

The Department of Physical Education is involved in Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual formation of the students through sports and games. In addition to the regular academic activities, the Department formulates and implements the programs and builds up various teams like Football, Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, Hand ball, Athletic team etc. The teams participate in the M.K.U “C” Zonal M.K.U Champion Trophy Tournaments and open Tournaments such as Block, District, State and National level Tournaments that bring laurels to our institution. As part of Curriculum, we have part V Physical Education. Motivation and encouragement are given to the students to opt for part V physical Education. The Department renders it services and extends its facilities to local schools and sports clubs to organize tournaments as well as to train their students in sports and games. The Department organizes state level Tournaments in Hockey and Football and Inter Departmental Tournaments for the integrated development of the Students.


To equip Physical, Mental, Social, and Holistic development of the students through Sports, Games and Yoga.


1.To Formulate and implementing programmes aimed at facilitating the personality development of the students through Sports, Games and Yoga.

2.To Formulate programmes aimed at promotion and development of sports in our college.

3.To Formulate programmes and encouraging sports in our college to achieve excellence in sports and establish our college as a leading institution.

4.To inculcate the traits like, Inter human relationship, courtesy, loyalty perseverance, co-operation, understanding, team spirit, sportsmanship and unity among students.

Physical Education Provision

1.Major GamesCourt
 »  Foodball2
 »  Hockey1
 »  Basketball1
 »  Volleyball1
 »  Cricket1
2.Minor GamesCourt
 »  Kabaddi1
 »  Handball1
 »  Kho-Kho1
 »  Ball Badminton1
3.Indoor Games 
 »  Chess5 Boards
 »  Table Tennis1
 »  Badminton1
 »   Stadium with Multi-Gym facilities and Galaries. 8 lanes Track with international measurements and facilities for Track and field events.
5.Indoor Stadium 
 »   Indoor Stadium with facilities for Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Ball Badminton and T.T Courts.
6.Multi GYM 



Dr. Vanitha J.


Dr.Muthuveera P