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Origin of IQAC
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      » 2018-2023
IQAC Minutes and Action Taken Report
SSS - Feedback
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IQAC Members
»Rev. Dr. Godwin Rufus, S.J.
Principal and Chairman
»Dr. D. Antony Singh Dhas
»Dr. A. Sundararaj
Deputy Principal
»Rev. Dr. M. Anbarasu S.J.
Vice Principal
»Dr. A. Duraisingam
Vice Principal
»Dr. K. S. Joseph Wilson
Associate Professor
»Dr. S. Arul Prasad
Associate Professor
»Rev. Dr. C. Mary Lowrencia
Assistant Professor
»Dr. S. Valanarasu
Assistant Professor
»Dr. M. Gilbert Rani
Assistant Professor
»Dr. M. Arulappan
Assistant Professor
»Mr. P. Anthony Raj
Assistant Professor
»Ms. T. Semalatha
Assistant Professor
»Ms. Anuja Mayan
Student Representative
»Mr. A. Joe Francis Xavier
Student Representative
»Mr. G. Joseph Xavier Raja
Office Superintendent
»Mr. M. Joseph Rethinasamy
»Mr. R. M. Madhu Sudhanan Rayar
Alumni Representative
»Mr. B. Durai Pandi
Local Member

As per the guidelines of UGC & NAAC, Bangalore, the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was constituted from June, 2004. The primary task of the IQAC has been to develop a system for conscious, continuous, consistent and catalytic improvement in the performance of staff and students and in the governance of the organization. The IQAC of our college plays an active role in developing, sustaining, improving and enhancing the parameters of quality and institutional excellence.

The IQAC acts as the promoter and guardian of quality in every aspect of the campus life. Redefining and sustaining quality benchmarks and best practices has become the foremost duty of IQAC. Constant and conscious attempts to promote a culture of quality in the academic ambience of the institution call for a continuous quest for excellence on the part of all the stakeholders in the educational enterprise. Excellence, as Aristotle would say, is not an act but a habit. Attitudes dictate the approaches to be adopted for best results. Right approaches determine the attainment levels. Arul Anandar College is no exception to this. The IQAC serves as a catalyst in the following areas.

Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR)

AQAR 2008-2009AQAR 2009-2010AQAR 2010-2011AQAR 2011-2012
AQAR 2012-2013AAC-SSR-2013AQAR-2013-2014AQAR-2014-2015

Teaching, Learning and Evaluation

»  Facilitating the conduct and Evaluating Bridge Course for Freshers.
»  Preparation of Lesson Plans.
»  Orientation & Retaining of Teachers.
»  Evaluation of the courses, Curriculum research.

Staff Enrichment Programmes

»  Induction and Orientation to the newly recruited staff.
»  Need based Workshops, Seminars for the faculty and office staff.
»  Promoting the research.

Data Base

»  Creation of Staff and Student Profiles every year.


»  All documentary information pertaining to the staff, students and the college.

Publication of Newsletter

»  IQAC newsletter twice a year.

Performance Appraisal

»  Teacher assessment by the students.
»  Assessment of the officials by the staff.
»  Assessment of the courses by the students, the alumni and employers.
»  Feedback on all the programmes and seminars for staff and students.
»  Annual Feedback by the student representatives.

Communication with NAAC

»  Submission of Annual Quality Assurance Report
»  Correspondence with the NAAC regarding accreditation