From the Principal’s Desk…

My dear and beloved students, parents, professors and well-wishers of Arul Anandar College, Karumathur, I wish you all a very bright and grace filled day.

Thank you for entering into the domain of Arul Anandar College, Karumathur.

We give you a royal salute and a traditional Tamil, Vannakkam, Nalla Irukikeenggala?

Arul Anandar College is a 52-year-old college. Did I say 52-year-old college. Please correct it… it is a 52-year young college giving quality education in a Jesuit manner, a 500 old international religious movement who perhaps began Higher Education in the Globe even before many revolutions.

I will never claim that our institution is the best in India or Madurai. It is true that we give the best when compared to other neighboring colleges. But that is not the hall mark of AAC

In a jungle you have a variety of animals and birds. For an example the tallest is the giraffe, the biggest is the Elephant, the fastest is the Cheetah, the wisest is the Fox. But none of the superlatives in the forest is the king of the forest. Lion is the king of the forest. I am sure you all know that the Lion is not the fastest, the tallest, nor the biggest or the wisest. But it is essentially very courageous, persevering and goal oriented. Arul Anandar College creates leaders. A leader is a person who knows about himself or herself. The within is more important than the without. Yes, my friends, what is within you, inside you is very important. Look at the pencil. The inside stuff, the lead is important and sharpening, sharpening and spelling it out is important. We boast that our 90% of our students are from rural, first generation and students who grew in Tamil medium rural set up in schools. But over the years we have done great things in this vicinity.

With a Jesuit tradition and with the blessings of our forefathers and brothers and illustrious professors and parents and students we have walked the untrodden path with hard work, sincerity and a vow to transform the present society which is muddled with discrimination, inequality and ignorance.

With an erudite faculty of well-trained staff and with the provision of urban facilities in the rural campus and with an exposure to the social realities of the society we form leaders of transformation. Visit us and be a person of change. Welcome to the creation of Leaders. Shaping, sharpening and spelling out leaders for societal change. And let the blessings of the Lord of wisdom and knowledge, joy and peace, health and wealth be always graced upon you and your beloved ones. God bless you all!

Rev. Dr. Anbarasu M S.J.