The Self Learning Course offers an opportunity to the students to independently learn and better understand subjects of interest to him/her. Every semester a student is offered a variety of courses that are generally not offered in the traditional mainstream. This course is offered to all advanced learners. A student wishing to take up this course should not have any standing arrears at the time of taking up the course.

Besides the courses under Parts I - V, UG students can gain credits by participating (in a Semester in only one SLC). These SLCs are conducted only during the Semesters III to VI. Each Self Learning Course has three credits

Sno Course Code Course Title Dept-in-Charge
1. 19UTASL3 Vilambara Kalai Tamil
2. 19UENSL3 Indian Writing in English-I English
3. 19UHSSL3 History of Ancient Science & Technology History
4. 19UECSL3 Economics of Social Problems in India Economics
5. 19UPHSL3 Liturgy and Introduction to Christian Spirituality Philosophy
6. 19UMASL3 Solar System Mathematics
7. 19UPYSL3 Space Physics Physics
8. 19UCHSL3 Forensic Chemistry Chemistry
9. 19URDSL3 Human Rights RDS
10. 19UFSSL3 Basics of Food Preparation F S & Technology
11. 19UTLSL3 கலை சொல்லாக்கம் Tamil
12. 19UELSL3 Indian Fiction English
13. 19UCMSL3 Business Organization Commerce
14. 19UBASL3 Body Language Business Adminstration
15. 19UITSL3 Scripting Languages IT & Management
16. 19UPESL3 Personal Fitness Training Physical Education
17. 19UCSSL3 E-Commerce Technology Computer Science
Sno Course Code Course Title Dept-in-Charge
1. 19UTASL4 Christhavamum Tamilum Tamil
2. 19UENSL4 Indian Writing in English-II English
3. 19UHSSL4 Indian History for Competitive Examinations-I History
4. 19UECSL4 Labour Problems and Social Welfare Economics
5. 19UPHSL4 Introduction to Church History and Second Vatican Council Philosophy
6. 19UMASL4 Stellar Universe Mathematics
7. 19UPYSL4 Novel Materials Physics
8. 19UCHSL4 Food Chemistry Chemistry
9. 19URDSL4 Aquaculture RDS
10. 19UFSSL4 Principles of Food Preservation F S & Technlgy
11. 19UTLSL4 தமிழர் உணவியல் Tamil
12. 19UELSL4 Indian Short Stories English
13. 19UCMSL4 Office Management Commerce
14. 19UBASL4 Group Discussion Business Administration
15. 19UITSL4 Stress Management IT & Mangement
16. 19UPESL4 Know the Major Games– Badminton, Cricket & Football Physical Education
17. 19UCSSL4 Tally Computer Science
Sno Course Code Course Title Dept-in-Charge
1. 19UHSSL5 Indian History for Competitive Examinations-II History
2. 19UECSL5 Marxian Economics Economics
3. 19UPHSL5 Introduction to Bible (Old & New Testament) Philosophy
4. 19UMASL5 Statistical Methods in Social Sciences Mathematics
5. 19UPYSL5 Thin Film Science Physics
6. 19UCHSL5 Fuel Chemistry Chemistry
7. 19URDSL5 Mushroom Production RDS
8. 19UFSSL5 Food Laws and Regulations F S & Technology
9. 19UTLSL5 தகவல் பரிமாற்றமும் சமூக ஊடகங்களும் Tamil
10. 19UELSL5 British Drama English
11. 19UCMSL5 Business Environment Commerce
12. 19UBASL5 Stress Management Business Administration
13. 19UITSL5 Cyber Security IT & Mangement
14. 19UPESL5 Nutrition Physical Education
15. 19UCSSL5 Enterprise Resource Management Computer Science
Sno Course Code Course Title Dept-in-Charge
1. 19UHSSL6 Indian Constitution History
2. 19UECSL6 Economic Reforms in India Economics
3. 19UPHSL6 Philosophical Classic : Kierkegaard, Fear and Trembling Philosophy
4. 19UMASL6 Mathematical Methods in Business Mathematics
5. 19UPYSL6 Optical Communication Physics
6. 19UCHSL6 Chemistry for Competitive Exams Chemistry
7. 19URDSL6 Milk Products RDS
8. 19UFSSL6 Food Processing F S & Technology
9. 19UTLSL6 ehl;Lg;Gw tof;fhWfs; Tamil
10. 19UELSL6 Indian Drama English
11. 19UCMSL6 Sales Promotion Commerce
12. 19UBASL6 Retail Management Business Administration
13. 19UITSL6 Export and Import Management IT & Mangement
14. 19UPESL6 First Aid and Injury Management Physical Education
15. 19UCSSL6 Software Project Management Computer Science