Education is going through a lot of transition in the last few decades leading UGC to reorient and reshape its policies and programmes. Keeping in mind the Indian Higher Education Scenario and to make it relevant, it was envisaged to create highly skilled graduates. It was felt that graduates with a sound knowledge in their core disciplines and expertise in a concerned skill would fetch more employment opportunities in service, industry and self-employment sectors. Therefore, Career Oriented Courses (COC) was initiated by the University Grants Commission. Further, based on these guidelines a number of courses were introduced and are being successfully implemented at AAC. Following are the list of courses that are offered by the College to the students.

Awards of Excellence

In order to recognize the services and contribution of the Faculty, Non-Teaching Staff and students and to motivate them, the Management of the College presents the Awards of Excellence every year. The Award consists of a Certificate and a Cash Prize. It is presented to the Awardee during the Annual College Day.


The College has signed a sizeable number of Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with Companies, Industries and educational institutions. The aim of signing these MoUs is to collaborate and share expertise, assure quality and to disseminate good practices. It also aims to develop participation and cooperation in research and to share information. Given below is the list of companies, industries and institutions that have signed MoUs with AAC.

Sno Course Code Course Title Dept-in-Charge
1. COC1113 Tourism and Hospitality Management History
2. COC1313 Principles and Practice of Marketing Economics
3. COC1413 Clinical Nutrition and Lab Technology Chemistry
4. COC1513 Commercial Horticulture RDS
5. COC1613 NGO Management RDS
6. COC1713 Bio-Tech in Farm Applications RDS
7. COC1813 Yoga for Fitness Phy. Edu.
8. COC1913 Media Reporting English
9. COC2013 English Proficiency for Career Prospects English
10. COC2113 Mathematical Skills for Competitive Examinations Maths
11. COC2213 Resource Management Techniques Maths
12. COC2313 Entrepreneurial Chemistry Chemistry
13. COC2413 Dietics and Diet Counseling FS&T
14. COC2513 Web Designing & Photo Editing Comp. Sci.
15. COC2613 Fundamentals of Life Long Learning and Open Distance Learning ACP