Bridge Course

English plays a very significant role in the modern world. Hence it is very important to orient our students to develop their English Communicative Skills.Since majority of our students are from Vernacular medium in schools, the college offers a one –month English Communicative Training Progrmme called “Bridge Course” in the beginning of every academic year. In order to remove the initial apprehensions and to improve the communicative skills, The Dept of English undertakes this task earnestly and willingly. A separate text book is prepared by Our College Faculty and that is followed in the class.

All the first year UG Students are the beneficiaries of this programme.All the four major skills like Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing are taught to students through various methods .Audio -Visual aids are used to kindle their interest in learning English. Students are trained in the following areas like public speaking, Telephone Conversations, English Conversations and Dialogues, Making Announcements, Declamation, Building Vocabulary, Acting English Dramas, Proverb Expansion ,etc. English Language lab is used to conduct this course besides class room teaching. A lot of activities are conducted in the class and the active participation of the students is ensured. They are periodically tested and evaluated, at the end of the semester they have to write a semester exam on Bridge Course. One credit is allotted to this course.