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The library utility services have two types one is open access system and another one is close access system. The close access system means that the user is not allowed in the stack room area, where the user writes the slip and gets the book and the Open Access system means the readers are free to enter the stack room and choose their own books. We follow an open access system for the welfare of the readers.

Our College library has an interlibrary loan scheme, that is a transaction of library Documents to the department libraries for the easy access of department staff and students.

We have 5K.V. UBS Power backup Batteries for Library. These Batteries can supply 5 hours of power during power failure.


WEBOPAC allows the user to browse the entire library collection and provide the search facilities by Author, Title, and subject and also to know the membership status by internet.

Intranet OPAC

Two Systems were allotted for the intranet net OPAC. Its helps for the systematic accessibility of the with in the library area to reader

Another milestone of the college library is that history we had fixed 13 Surveillance Video Cameras in the library area for protection of the library documents and for healthy maintenance.

Exact place where the items are available is mentioned in the main stack section, Reference section, back volume section and in theses section we fix the indicators like row number, subject name and sub title of the subject.

Issue and return transaction of the document access has been speeded up because of the barcoding.

Library has collected college semester question papers from 1999 to till date for Student reference

Library has 160 comfortable reading seats for library users

Our staffs and students publications are being displayed in the publication display shelf.

Library has collected college magazines from 1970 onwards to till date for staff and student reference.

Library has gathered the college hand books from 2006 onwards to till date for staff and student reference.

Library had collected and maintained the separate section for local area historical documents.

Library has maintain the separate records for visitor’s opinion and suggestions for library improvement.