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»  Strict Silence should be observed in the library.

»  Personal belongings such as Bags, Tiffin-boxes, Notebooks, etc., should be left at the property counter in the library entrance.

»  Books are lend to students on all working days.

»  Books are usually lend for a period of two weeks and may be renewed for a further period if those books are not in demand by other students.

»  Books should be returned on or before the due date indicated in the issue slip of the book.

»  Overdue fine of Rs.1 per day will be charged if the book is nor returned on time.

»  If the book is lost, the fine will be collected three times the book cost.

»  The librarian may ask for the return of any book even before the expiry of the due date.

»  Reference books such as dictionaries, year books, encyclopedia, General knowledge books and books labeled as Reference will not be lend.

»  Students are forbidden to make any marking or underlining in books and periodicals

»  Students are advised to examine and ascertain the conditions of the book at the time of borrowing itself. If there is any damage it should be immediately brought to the notice of the librarian. Otherwise the borrower will be held responsible for the damage book.

»  If a book is damaged or lost, the cost of replacing it with a new copy along with a fine will be recovered from the borrower. If one book is a set of books damaged or lost, the cost of replacing the whole set will be recovered.

»  All the students should produce their identity card at the time of library entry and borrowing books.

»  All the students should return all the library books a week before the last working day of the academic year.

»  Students are forbidden to use the website in the browsing Centre.

»  No outside / personal books are allowed in the library for reading purposes.

»  The Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited.