Department of Human Excellence

About the Department

The Department of Human Excellence in Arul Anandar College (Autonomous), renamed at the start of its Golden Jubilee Year 2019-20, is a unique platform to fulfil the College Vision and Mission, and the Motto. The Department was called by various names like “Foundation Courses” and “Religion and Value Education” in the last three decades. But now with a new name, the Department of Human Excellence functions with four units of educational entrepreneurship within its umbrella, namely Foundation Courses, Soft Skills, and Communication Skills, and Life Skills. While the Foundation Courses develop the value-orientation and value-basis of all discernment and decision making in the life of Undergraduate students, Soft Skills and Communication Skills focus on their multivarious skills development. Life Skills are offered only to the Postgraduate students so that they become competent to be placed in society. The Department of Human Excellence differs from other departments considerably in its curricula formation, knowledge management and content communication, and teaching and evaluation methods.

Unit of Foundation Courses

Foundation Courses offer UG students a holistic value-education through well-designed courses on Personality Development, Social Responsibility and Global Citizenship, Environmental Studies, and Religious Literacy and Peace Ethics.


»  1 Credit per Semester for 4 Semesters.
»  1 Class per Cycle (A to F Order).
»  40 and more Teachers on Service.

Unit of Soft Skills

Soft Skills trains UG students through designated courses to acquire basic skills in reading, writing, speaking, skills in personal development, emotional intelligence, stress & time management, and leadership cum team-building skills.


»  2 Credits for all 6 Semesters.
»  1 Class per Cycle (A to F Order).
»  17 Teachers on Service.

Unit of Communication Skills

Communication Skills trains UG students in language proficiency, English-speaking techniques, creating opportunities for communication, gaining self-confidence in facing a group or an audience, etc. through description of self, family, role-model, objects, places and persons.


»  1 Credit per Semester for 2 Semesters.
»  1 Class per Cycle (A to F Order).
»  19 Teachers on Service.