Department of Food Science and Technology

»  B.Sc. Food Science and Technology
On completion of B.Sc. Food Science & Technology programme, the students will be able to
PSO1 : Imparting knowledge on the field of Food Science, Nutrition, Food Engineering, Food Marketing and Food Technology.
PSO2 : Proficiency in culinary skills and to describe role of ingredients in food during food preparation.
PSO3 : Enables to understand food composition and its nutritional, chemical and microbiological aspects and effects of common food preparation methods and food storage conditions on survival and growth of microbial contaminants.
PSO4 : Familiarize the students with the technology of pulses, oilseeds, spices, fruits, meat products processing and preservation.
PSO5 : Emphasize the importance of food safety, food quality, food plant sanitation, food laws and regulations and food engineering.
»  Undergraduate