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PUBLIC VIVA-VOCE EXAMINATION OF Mrs.Pappa Kalaivani(P4262), Part-time research scholar, PG &Research Department of physics, Arul Anandar College (A), Karumathur on 27-09-2022 at 11:00 am in PHYSICS AV HALL, AAC |   Quiz in English Literature (Victorian Age) organized by Department of English Language and Literature (26-09-2022) at 4.00 p.m. in Mother Teresa Hall. |   42 nd Graduation Day - 15-October-2022 (for 2020 passed out students only) |   **Congrats Dr.A. Iruthayaraj*** Dr.A. Iruthayaraj, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Philosophy has been recognised as a research supervisor to guide for Ph.D registrants in Philosophy of MK University. The management, officials, staff and students of AAC congratulate him. |   PART-V SELECTION LIST| YRC |   | PHYSICAL EDUCATION |   | ROTARACT |   | NSS |   | NATURE CLUB |   | AICUF |   | NCC |   | AICUF |   November-2021 Exam Fee List |   SUPPLEMENTARY AND INTERNAL IMP. TEST RESULTS JUNE2022 |   REVALUATION LIST APRIL 2022 - RESULT |   Semester Results - April 2022 |   FOR ADMISSION CONTACT: 6382842033 |   ONLINE APPLICATION (2022-2023) |  


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Curriculum 5 4 3 2 1
The syllabus is updated periodically to meet the global standard
The course content meets the outcomes of the course
Part I & II language courses help in acquiring the LSRW skills
Courses offered under Part III enrich the disciplinary knowledge
Interdisciplinary knowledge is imparted by Allied, Elective,Still Based Elective and Non Major Elective courses
The Part V courses and other extension activities facilitate in knowing the social responsibilities
The Bridge Course, Value Added Courses and Foundation Courses offered contribute to the overall holistic development
The courses offered focus on Skill Development / Employability / Entrepreneurship
The availability of the text books, E-books and other learning materials is adequate.
The ICT teaching – learning environment is conducive for fulfilling the course objectives
The method of evaluation and assessment is just and fair


The lab courses help in understanding the practical application of theory
The lab facilities are adequate to do experiments and testing
Learning by Doing / experiential learning is facilitated by lab courses
The teacher provides suitable environment to carry out lab activities
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