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5 – Strongly Agree 4 - Agree 3 – Neutral 2 - Disagree 1 - Strongly Disagree
Curriculum 5 4 3 2 1
The course content fulfils the outcomes of the courses
The courses offered cater to the competency of the learners
The contact hours are adequate to complete the syllabus
E-Resources and text books are available in the library
The courses offered under Part I & II cater to the development of language skills
The courses offered under Part III are periodically revised suiting the needs of the learners
Adequate elective courses are offered to fulfil the diverse needs of the learners
The courses offered under Part V and the extension activities contribute
to the development of social responsibility of the students
The self-learning courses promote the independent learning of advanced learners
The project/internship helps the learners to apply theoretical knowledge in the practical situations
The curriculum is inclusive and contributes to the holistic development of the learners
The courses promote the employable skills of the learners
Suggestions (If any)