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5 – Strongly Agree 4 - Agree 3 – Neutral 2 - Disagree 1 - Strongly Disagree
Curriculum 5 4 3 2 1
The courses (papers) were comprehensive enough to impart profound knowledge in the discipline
The courses provided professional needs
The courses and training were given for the development of skills and personal competencies
The foundation courses enriched personal etiquette, integrity and value system
The course on extension created awareness on social issues and inculcated social responsibility
The courses contributed to the overall development of my personality
Bridge Course facilitated me to overcome the learning difficulties
Teaching, Learning & Evaluation
Course teachers fully covered the syllabus in time
Course teachers provided syllabus and lesson plan in advance
Course teachers provided study materials and references
The faculty employed ICT enabled teaching methods for effective teaching
Teachers used student centric methods, such as experiential learning,
participative learning and problem solving methodologies for enhancing learning experiences
Teachers prepared well for the class and communicated effectively
The counselling and mentoring process facilitated students in cognitive, social and emotional growth
The advanced learners were provided with multiple opportunities to learn and grow
Remedial programmes were arranged for the slow learners and their progress was monitored
Teachers discussed the performance in assignments
The performance of the students was assessed and guidance for their improvement was given periodically
Evaluation system is objective and fair
The evaluation system evaluated different knowledge levels
Transparency system of the evaluation pattern
Publication of results on time
Adequate books were available in the library for the learners and issued regularly
Accession to e-books and journals were made available without hindrance
Availability of books were identified through remote accession and located through open accession
The arrangement and the facilitation for reading books in the library was good
Research resources were sufficient
Library was improved with the replenishment of recent books, magazines and journals periodically
The classrooms were furnished to create conducive learning environment
Provision of drinking water facilities was adequate
The laboratories were well equipped
The internet connectivity was good
The canteen facilities were sufficient
The playgrounds, courts and the indoor stadium were maintained well
The restrooms were clean and disinfected
Extra-Curricular activities
The college organized several extra-curricular activities and ensured the participation of all students
The college encouraged and awarded students for their performance
Participation in the activities helped to improve my confidence and self-esteem
Participation in the activities helped me to acquire social skills and responsible citizenship
The activities contributed to my career growth
The college must continue to offer such activities
Suggestions (If any)